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The development from host-based, client-server based, and web-based applications lead to the next architectual implementation of services-based (Service-Oriented) design. Sonic ESB is a software solution for enabling all applications to be interfaced thru web-services architecture.

Sonic ESB - Enterprise Service Bus architecture:

  • All applications are converted into web services and connected to Sonic ESB
  • Intra and extra-net business processes are all modelled and deployed on Sonic ESB
  • Sonic ESB will manage the flow of data with iteniary, content-based routing, and data conversion amongst the web services to process a business flow.
  • With the management screens, Sonic ESB can be monitored and configured with ease.

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"A new form of enterprise service bus (ESB) infrastructure—
combining MOM, Web services, transformation and routing intelligence—will be running in the majority of enterprises by 2005. These high-function, low-cost ESBs are well suited to be the backbone for service-oriented architectures and the enterprise nervous system."—Roy Schulte,
Vice President,
Gartner, Inc.

Primary features and benefits of Sonic ESB:

  • Supports Java Connector Architecture (JCA) standards and allows all JCA supported ERP, CRM, and other applications to be integrated with ease.
  • Easy integration of J2EE and .NET platform applications due to the fact support of web-services and XML standards.
  • Based on open standards as XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JCA, JMS and is J2EE 1.3 certified.
  • Content-based routing between web-services.
  • Tranformation Service between web-services.
  • Works on top of Sonic MQ, and therefore inherits all the advanced features of Sonic MQ for security, reliability, and scability.

Detailed information on Sonic ESB can be obtained from Sonic Software web site.