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Services for the Java platform and J2EE

Don't want to risk wasting your money and time, and want to develop a J2EE project without worring about performance and scalability concerns, we offer you a guidance hand based on our many business-critical projects. Detail>>
Info Center

With Info Center you can communicate to your customers, dealers, or even your own employees thru SMS, Email, Fax under all circumstances. By working jointly with your ERP, CRM, and other systems, Info Center can ease your job of sending routine data and campaining. Detail>>

A middleware software solution, Sonic MQ, provides a platform to develop B2B and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects in relatively short periods and reduce costs. Detail>>
SonicESB - Enterprise Service Bus
  A software solution that allows internal and external business process to be able to use web services interface for the current company applications. The SonicESB - Enterprise Service Bus concept allows simple management of process and easy maintenance of these process to meet market speed and demand. Detail>>