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Sonic MQ, is an enterprise level inter-application messaging-middleware software that provides a strong platform, an unmatched scalability and reliablility, and very high thru-put performance for B2B and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects.

By using Sonic MQ:

  • Can integrate applications with ease and reliability between different system like UNIX, Windows, AS400, and mainframe.
  • Can exchange information securely and reliably over the internet among applications of the dealer, supplier, branch, and in-office. Even in environments where there is low-speed and dial-up connection, Sonic MQ can guarantee transfer data between the applications.
  • Can design systems with its patented and award-winning clustering technology to handle thousands of clients exchanging information without loss of data.
  • Allow secure handling of data with its build-in RSA's BSafe package.

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Sonic MQ primary features:

  • Guaranteed delivery of the data
  • Comprehensive and build-in security, 256 bit encryption
  • Dial-up and non-continuos connection support
  • Point-to-point and Publish & Subscribe messaging models
  • Load-Balance & Fail-Over features with Multibroker cluster support
  • Transaction support
  • %100 Java Messaging Specificaiton (JMS) certified and can be integrated with BEA Weblogic, Oracle9iAS, IBM WebSphere, Sun ONE Application Server
  • Access from applications developed with Java, ActiveX, C/C++, Progress4GL
  • Remote Management

Detailed information on Sonic MQ can be obtained from Sonic Software web site.