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Istanbul Stock Exchange has started a remote access project to enable the Stock Exhange and the Financial Instutions to communicate electronically and perform their stock operations via this new medium.

Marti has developed the IMKB Remote Access Platform solution to provide a strong and reliable platform to enable financial institutions to integrate with ease with the new service. IMKB Remote Access Platform is a solution that has passed the technical tests and has been verified by the financial institutions for its reliablality and ease of use.

IMKB Remote Access Platform allows fast, error-free, reliable, and scalable communication between the IMKB System and the financial institutions' current systems that could be on UNIX or Windows platforms. The following is a list of platforms and applications that could be used with IMKB Remote Access Platform:
Client/Server applications developed with Java, C++, VB, Delphi, Progress
Web and WAP applications based on technologies as ASP, COM, JSP, Servlet, 4GL
Call center, SMS and other mobile systems

MKB Uzaktan Eriim Platformu

IMKB Remote Access Platform has been developed to be scalable to handle a growing number of clients from member company headquarters, branches, web, and call-center accesses. Based on its cluster and load-balance features, can service to large number of clients. Also, can balance load on the same machine between ExAPI, IMKB Bridge, and Sonic MQ installations.

IMKB Remote Access Platform can be setup so that no data loss occurs from system errors, and work continuously to prevent errors in the orders due to system erros during IMKB work hours.

Remote Access Platform is made up of Sonic MQ and IMKB Bridge software.

Marti - IMKB Bridge

IMKB Bridge is the software that handles the data exchange between IMKB ExAPI system and Sonic MQ. It manages the socket connections with the ExAPI system for high speed and error-free data transfer. It handles the compensation of speed difference in data transfer between the ExAPI system and Sonic MQ and provides a reliable data without loss.

IMKB Bridge's primary features:
%100 ExAPI 1.5 compatible
%100 Pure Java and platform independent
Multi-threaded and multi-CPU support
Prevention of loss of data due to system errors
Easy management with GUI screens