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Info Center is a software solution developed to handle messaging for companies between their customers, dealers, suppliers, or even employees via SMS, WAP, web, email or fax under any circumstance.

With Info Center, ERP, CRM, and other systems can be integrated with ease, provide a platform to send periodic data messages. Some of the sample application areas for using Info Center:

  • Sending periodic statements, invoices, reports
  • Sending of urgent messages or summary reports with SMS
  • Sending announcements and company informative information
  • Poll data collection and implementation

Primary features of Info Center:

  • Merging and integration of data from different systems, like ERP, CRM, Call Center, Datawarehouse, to be able to consolidate information into one message.
  • Compatible with server software like RightFax that allows easy integration to save time and money when sending batch messages.
  • Based on customer needs, can use a SMS Terminal or a GSM operator connectivity to send & receive SMS messages.
  • Collection of data via SMS, WAP, email, and the web and allow the transfer of these data to required systems.
  • Remote management screens allow easy maintenance and monitoring of data follow.