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Technologies like J2EE, XML, and web services present a functional and powerful framework for enterprise applications. But, to be able use these technologies effectively to design and develop an enterprise application that is reliable and scalable, one first needs a application framework to meet these needs. A framework development for such cases takes time, effort and expertise in the technologies.

MX Framework is a J2EE and XML based application framework that has proven know-how and experience from many projects, Java Platform, and most successful best-practices. With the MX architecture and components, one can develop web and wap based applications that perform under heavy load, is scalable and reliable, and flexible for future enhancements.

MX Framework

Benefits of MX Framework:
  • Easy and quick application development with J2EE and web services
  • Deployment of applications without the worry of performance and scalability, easy upgrades and management
  • Reduction of hardware and software costs from optimum usage of system resources with correct application design
  • Minimization of project development, enhancement, and maintenance periods